General Education Assessment Committee

 Test Picture for Gen Ed Assessment

The General Education Assessment Committee has been tasked by the General Education Committee to assess HCC's General Education program.  The Capstone Course serves as one of the instruments used to evaluate the General Education Program. The information on the left navigation bar is also designed to assist faculty who are interested in creating and/or teaching the IDS 2110 Capstone course and explains the approval process required to create and teach the IDS 2110 Capstone course.

For more information contact Dr. Karen Griffin, Director of the Associate in Arts Programs, at (813) 253-7002.

The General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) is a subcommittee of the General Education Committee, and is comprised of a member from each of Clusters numbered one through six, and fourteen.   

Current Membership:
Michael Odu, Chair
Margaret Hopson-Fernandes
Charlie Jimenez
Kara Lawson
Travis Meek
Kristin Heathcock
Louis Bonavita                  

Administrative Advisors:         

Jennifer Gangi, Academic Assessment Officer
Karen Griffin, Director-Associate in Arts Programs         

 Test Picture for Gen Ed Assessment