International Student Health Insurance  

Healthcare in the United States is very expensive, and medical insurance is necessary to help protect international students against unforeseen events that could result in long-term financial hardship. 


All international students are permitted to register for classes at Hillsborough Community College (HCC) only after demonstrating that they hold medical insurance coverage which is equal or exceeds the coverage provided by the International Student Insurance Program endorsed by Hillsborough Community College.


International students with F-1 status are required to maintain continuous insurance coverage throughout the entire duration of their association with HCC (including any period authorized for academic training or authorized vacation or leave). Students beginning enrollment for the Summer 2016 semester must have coverage starting May 10, 2016 that extends to August 13th, 2016, and students beginning enrollment for the Fall 2016 semester must have coverage starting August 14, 2016 that extends to December 31, 2016. Misrepresenting or willfully failing to maintain appropriate medical insurance coverage will result in serious consequences for the student.  


To assist international students in complying with the health insurance mandate, HCC offers a health insurance plan that is underwritten by Student Resources (A UnitedHealth Group Company) and is administered by Insurance for Students (IFS).  The IFS Prime Plan for HCC International Students is guaranteed to meet all insurance requirements per HCC policy.


Insurance for Students, Inc.
5295 Town Center Rd., Suite 101
Boca Raton, FL 334696
Fax: 954-772-0877


All F-1 international students attending HCC must purchase the medical insurance program offered through IFS unless they apply for and are granted a waiver by IFS & the Center for International Education before registration.  


How to Enroll in the IFS-HCC Health Insurance Plan

View the health insurance program brochure to find out more about insurance coverage levels and cost. Enroll online if you plan to make payment by credit card, or print and mail the application to IFS if you plan to make payment by check or money order.  

Visit the website to:

Questions about coverage, claims, etc.: All questions about what the policy covers should be directed to IFS at 1-800-356-1235.

Dental and Vision Insurance: Medical insurance does not include dental services. Students may purchase supplemental dental and vision insurance at an affordable monthly rate through IFS.

F-2 Dependents: While proof of insurance is not mandatory for dependents of F-1 students, it is recommended that they also be insured, in particular if they are enrolled at Hillsborough Community College.