Cisco Wide-Area Networking Technologies  - Class 4

CET 2620 - 3cr.



This course is designed to prepare a student to apply and understand the advanced principles, applications, and implementation of networking hardware. The course covers advanced network design projects and advanced network management projects. This is the fourth of a four-part series to prepare students for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate. The course content is on-line and accessible with any web browser. Students are expected to prepare for each class by reading the assigned material from the web site; class time will mostly be spent in review, hands-on labs, and examinations.


The student will demonstrate a knowledge of the following topics through objective tests, hands-on activities, and projects:

  • Differentiate between the following WAN services: LAPB, Frame Relay, ISDN/LAPD, HDLC, PPP, and DDR
  • Recognize key Frame Relay terms and features
  • List commands to configure Frame Relay LMIs, maps, and subinterfaces
  • List commands to monitor Frame Relay operation in the router
  • Identify PPP operations to encapsulate WAN data on Cisco routers
  • State a relevant use and context for ISDN networking
  • Identify ISDN protocols, function groups, reference points, and channels
  • Describe Cisco's implementation of ISDN BRI
  • Describe the advantages of LAN segmentation

Prerequisite: CET 2615 (Cisco Sem. III Cisco Advanced Router Technology).


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