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7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Conference Registration
8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
7:30-8:30 a.m.
Continental Breakfast
Marginalized Males, Street Culture, and College Success: A
Discussion of Data-Driven Action (Meeting Room 1)
This session will examine some specific institutional data on the success of black
males in a pilot program examining the challenges black males face on two-year
college campuses. The session will discuss how students navigate the obstacles
that pop-up on the “streets” that lead to college and will offer testimony from two
students who experienced the negative perceptions as they each attempted to
adapt to the culture of higher education.
Mr. Kareem Moody, Director, Network for Student Success, Pulaski Technical
College, AR
Mr. Lemorris Lennon, Student, Pulaski Technical College, AR
Mr. Crayton Stinson, Student, Pulaski Technical College, AR
The University of Central Florida Brother to Brother Program:
Making a Positive Impact on Multicultural and First Generation
Males (Meeting Room 3)
The Brother to Brother Program (B2B) was formed four years ago, designed to
increase the retention and graduation rates of multicultural and first generation
males on the University of Central Florida (UCF) campus. In its first year, the fifty
students in the program had an average grade point average (GPA) of 3.3 and were
involved in multiple student organizations. This interactive workshop will discuss
why the B2B program was established and what it has done in order to improve
the retention rates of multicultural and first generation males at UCF.
Mr. Wayne Jackson, Director, Multicultural Academic and Support
Services,University of Central Florida, FL
Urban Male Initiative: Helping Our Men Re-align the Stars in
Their Lives One Step at a Time (Meeting Room 4)
In 2011, the Student Development Division of the Community College of
Denver (CCD) created the Urban Male Initiative (UMI) to address the declining
retention and graduation rates of male students on the CCD campus. Through
specialized programming and support services geared toward the male
students at CCD, UMI provides opportunities for male students to connect
with resources and a support system that will positively impact the students’
college experiences, increasing retention and graduation rates for male
students. In the process, UMI strives to develop astute, defined leaders who
are prepared to build up others within their respective communities.
Mr. Ryan Ross, Dean of Student Development and Retention, Community
College of Denver, CO
Mr. Kendrick Friendly, Urban Male Initiative Advisor, Community College of
Denver, CO
On the Road to Success: Helping African-American Males
Improve Their Academic Achievement in Public Schools
(Meeting Room 5)
This session will discuss what it will take to help African American males
get on the road to success. A variety of interactive techniques will be used
to help explore some of the barriers that African American males face when
it comes to academic achievement. This is a workshop that will hopefully
inspire participants to become more engaged with and have a life-changing
impact on African American males. This workshop will provide useful data
to participants on the barriers that African American males face in their
academic world and offer discussion on which high-impact practices can
be employed to assist and improve the academic achievement of African
American males. The discussion of issues that hinder African American
males should lead to a plan of action to help African American males and
to focus on the positive ways that African American males can be high
achievers, moving them away from the deficit models of thinking.
Dr. Tami Foy, Interim Director, Research and Development, and Adjunct
Instructor, African American Studies Department, California State University,
Are You Next (Session 2 - Florida Ballroom)
Join Amir Windom in this peer-to-peer dialogue about the basics of
leadership and how you can step-up and lead. Who knows, the next great
CEO, Politician, Record Executive or organization president could be you!
Mr. Amir Windom, Music and Marketing Executive
(Student Session)
9:30 -10:30 a.m.
Morning Plenary, Dr. Charles Robinson, Vice Provost for Diversity Affairs and Professor of History,
University of Arkansas
12:15-1:45 p.m. Luncheon Plenary, Dr. Samuel Betances, Nationally Renowned Scholar, Writer, Speaker and Activist
2:15-3:45 p.m. Student Panel
4:00-5:15 p.m.
Presidential Panel
6:00-7:30 p.m. Student Networking Reception
6:00-7:30 p.m. Professionals: Dinner on your own
Building a Village of Support for Migrant Students (Meeting
Room 3)
The SouthShore Campus of Hillsborough (FL) Community College was
built in a former tomato field. The largest local industry is fresh-grown
tomatoes, bringing thousands of migrant worker families to the area.
Many of these “migrant” families have made their permanent homes near
the campus. The SouthShore Campus was founded in 2008, and since then
it has created unique partnerships with migrant service agencies, public
schools, migrant liaisons, and families to recruit and serve this population.
As a consequence, students from migrant families have become
campus leaders and have successfully transferred to universities. This
presentation will bring together students, staff, teachers, and community
members who have participated in this project. It will focus on methods
of building a village of support for a largely Hispanic community of migrant
Dr. Allen Witt, President, SouthShore Campus,
Hillsborough Community College, FL
Ms. Sheila F. McCants, Enrollment Development Coordinator,
SouthShore Campus, Hillsborough Community College, FL
Ms. Maria B. Torres, Student Activities Advisor, Migrant Program Officer,
SouthShore Campus, Hillsborough Community College, FL
Hot Jobs and Majors: Careers for the 21st Century (Meeting
Room 4)
What do actuaries, pharmacists, and software engineers have in common?
These are STEM-based careers that are in increasing demand and afford
higher than average starting salaries compared to traditional non-STEM
majors. This session aims to mitigate the occurrences of “structural
unemployment” experienced by Black and Brown participants through
a discussion of a survey of labor market data and emerging trends.
Participants will leave this presentation in a position to assess their personal
interests in light of STEM compatible majors and maximize their investment
in higher education.
Mr. Gibson Holmes, High Need Coordinator of Financial Aid,
University of North Florida, FL
Ms. Zelda Collins-Moore, Diversity Program Coordinator, Rochester Public
Schools, MN
Reflecting on Your Past, Focus on Your Future (Meeting
Rooms 5 & 6)
Our past shapes our lives, but our actions shape our future. This highly
dynamic presentation encourages students to reflect on their past and
focus on their academic future. Students will have an opportunity to learn
about successful action steps toward completing a postsecondary degree.
Students will also be asked to identify barriers they perceive that impede
their success, and they will be given guidance on how to utilize resources
to achieve success and to develop new behaviors to achieve success.
Dr. Luis Ponjuan, Associate Professor, Higher Education Administration
Department of Education Administration and Human Resource
Development, College of Education and Human Development, Texas A&M
Navigating and Embracing Multiple Village Dynamics/Cul-
tures: What Works Best in Which Village? (Meeting Room 7)
African American and Latino males have to operate in multiple villages. In
many cases, the college and/or university villages are quite different from
the other villages in which these young men are accustomed to functioning.
This session will identify the clashes that can occur and how students can
master the dynamics in their college villages. This session will also help
students gain a greater sense of self-awareness, positive self-esteem and
assist them in the development of their black/brown adult male identity.
The students will be shown appropriate strategies to help them succeed in
higher education and with continued learning.
Dr. Sylvester Robinson, Program Advisor, Bridges to Success,
Valencia College, FL
Dr. Adrian Manley, Counselor, Valencia College, FL
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