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10:45 a.m. -12:00 p.m.
Closing Plenary with Brunch, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, DC
Young + Black/Brown + Male = More than Jordan’s, Madden,
and Rap Music (Meeting Room 1)
African-American and Latino men are dynamic and multifaceted.
Nevertheless, they tend to be viewed as one dimensional and, at times,
some choose to stay in that “box” for safety and comfort. “Young + Black/
Brown + Male” (Y+B+M) looks at black/brown manhood through three
key areas in the lives of males: their interests, their identities, and the
institutions that most impact their lives. Interests examined include shoe
and video gaming culture. The justice system and mass media are key
institutions explored in this presentation. Participants are exposed to men
who have been successful outside of the “box” and are provided tips and
strategies for success.
Mr. Lasana Hotep, Director of College Student Services/Multicultural
Affairs, Estrella Mountain Community College, AZ
Tools for Building a Secure Financial Future (Meeting
Room 3)
Social responsibility in Rebuilding the Village includes making
responsible financial decisions. According to the 2011 FDIC National
Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households, 20.5% of African
American and 11% of Hispanic households in Florida are unbanked
compared with 3.4% of White households. This session will provide
participants with the financial literacy skills necessary to make wise
choices for building a secure financial future. The session will focus on
creating a “roadmap” for handling everything one does with his money:
building a budget, saving, using credit and understanding credit reports,
and investing for a secure future.
Mr. Vassay Marc, Loan Analyst, Suncoast Schools Federal
Credit Union, FL
Mr. Armando Rojas, Sr. Financial Advisor, Suncoast Schools
Federal Credit Union, FL
The 21st Century Village: Myth, Legend, or a Place for
Re-Definition (Meeting Rooms 5 & 6)
This session places the academic performance of Latino and African
American males within the context of history, economics, politics, and
culture. By examining the historical role that the African village played in
the social and familial development of individuals in the past, this session
will address the need for today’s youth to engage in the process of Sankofa
by “going back” and re-claiming what is rightfully theirs, while learning
effective strategies to forge a path towards social and academic greatness.
Dr. Omari Dyson, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, South
Carolina State University, SC
SAVE My Black Son (Meeting Room 7)
National professional, scholarly, and media reports issued over the past
five years have echoed the cry of alarm to the academic and social plight of
African American males. Increasing evidence suggests that more efforts are
needed to develop effective means to save Black males from incarceration,
academic failure, family neglect, and/or personal destruction. This
presentation/workshop seeks to address major issues effecting black males
from preteen through young adulthood, and it offers historical perspectives,
cultural critiques, and best practice strategies including male mentoring,
intervention by family, church, and community, and accepting personal
responsibilities. The college program Men of Vision at the College of Lake
County (IL) provides a model example for saving black males from failure,
incarceration, academic destruction, and personal misfortune.
Dr. Eric Rogers, Professor of Psychology, College of Lake County, IL
(Student Session)
Addressing the unique
challenges faced by the
urban male student.
UMI sUpports stUdents
Helps ensure
academic success
by meeting the needs
of male students requiring support and guidance
to successfully complete their degrees.
Provides opportunities for
personal and professional growth
through leadership development, service learning and
intentional investment in life skills.
Community College of Denver
New Perspectives :: New Direction
“Without the UMI Program, I wouldn’t still be in college. UMI has helped me
develop my self confidence, shown me how far I can go, and encouraged
me to realize how successful I can be.
With UMI I know I’ll make it.
– CCD Student and UMI Member Ivory Owens
For More InForMatIon contact
Kendrick Friendly, UMI Advisor
Ryan Ross, Dean of Student Development & Retention
Leslie McClellon, VP of Student Affairs
“It takes a village”
-African Proverb
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