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February 2013
Dear Summit Attendees:
The presidents of the sponsoring institutions welcome you to the 2013 Black, Brown & College Bound Summit.
As in years past, this year’s Summit addresses concerns common among all institutions of higher learning, because we
all continue to address key issues surrounding the fact that many young adults leave college or university before achiev-
ing a degree. The empirical evidence validates the anecdotes of incomplete educations in the postsecondary system,
especially among young African American and Latino males. The data and evidence speak volumes to all concerned
parties justifying our institutional need to review, analyze, and improve the situations of our young men.
The disproportionately high attrition rates among African American and Latino males from our institutions of higher
education are of particular concern because of the loss of talent and productivity for our communities and our nation.
Without the success of degree completion for this cohort of young adults, we all fail. For many of our institutions, the
retention and academic persistence through to degree completion for the African American and Latino males is a key
measure of our institutional accountability.
Over the years of these Summits, participants listened and learned from the diversity of the speakers at the major
plenary events, from the presenters in concurrent sessions, and from the moderators of the roundtable groups. This
year’s Summit will explore major issues and challenges intending again to prepare the students and the student services
professionals to meet head-on issues relating to institutional access, persistence, retention, and graduation.
We hope that all of you who participate in this enriching event will contribute to and benefit from the shared knowledge
and experience. We are confident that information gained from this Summit will benefit not only African American and
Latino males but all students in our colleges and universities.
College Presidents
Co-sponsoring Institutions
Dr. James H. Richey
Brevard Community College
Dr. Dennis P. Gallon
Palm Beach State College
Dr. Katherine M. Johnson
Pasco-Hernando Community College
Dr. Eileen Holden
Polk State College
Dr. Jackson Sasser
Santa Fe College
President David Armstrong
Broward College
President Geraldine M. Jones
California University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Larry Robinson
Florida Agricultural & Mechanical
Dr. Ken Atwater
Hillsborough Community College
Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard
Montgomery College
Dr. Norman Stephens, Jr.
South Florida State College
Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr.
Saint Leo University
Dr. William Law
St. Petersburg College
Chancellor Erma Johnson Hadley
Tarrant County College
Dr. Sandy Shugart
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