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January 2, 2013
Lesley “Les” Miller, Jr.
District 3
I am delighted to welcome you all to Hillsborough County, Florida for the 7
Annual Black, Brown and
College Bound (BBCB) Summit. Some of you have traveled great distances from other states to be with
us for this unique and important event. I commend you on your interest and commitment to help the
present and future generations of African and Latino males succeed in higher education.
One solution going forward will be to embark on more entrepreneurial initiatives and partnerships, which
the Black Brown and College Bound Summit exemplifies. This Summit calls for an investment in the
future of a vulnerable yet valuable population of our society, and your willingness to address the issues
and challenges faced by the young men of this population is laudable. I am confident your collaborative
efforts will pay big dividends for our future leaders as well as for our local, national, and global
communities. This year solution will be “Rebuilding the ‘Village’ for African American and Latino
Males in Higher Education.”
You are part of a very worthy cause, and your collective efforts will make a difference in the lives of
many students, especially African American and Latino males. I know the challenges you face in your
efforts to motivate and educate students in these times when you are asked to do more with fewer
resources at your disposal.
And on behalf of our Hillsborough County community, I invite you to take advantage of our great
weather and plan sometime in your schedules to explore the city of Tampa and Hillsborough County.
Have a wonderful Summit
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