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Dekoda Watson is a linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He was selected in the 7th round of the 2010 Draft. His football career highlights
include posting the highest team tackles for a rookie in 2010, recording his first sack in 2011 and scored his first touchdown on a fumble in 2011.
He hails from Aiken, South Carolina and is a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Social Science. Although, he has had many
exploits in playing football from high school to the pros, he remains a civic minded athlete. He participates in the NFL’ Play 60 Initiative, visits the
Metropolitan Ministries, greets hospital patients and works with children in the Boys & Girls Clubs.
Mr. Amir Windom brings his years of entrepreneurial experience in the entertainment industry to his presentations to young men across the country.
A graduate of Florida A&M University, Mr. Windom has experience as a marketing executive in the film and television industries.
Actively participating in national tours such as “Respect My Vote” and the “Make It Happen Book Tour,” Mr. Windom has earned the respect of
those with whom he has worked on these projects. However, his close relationship with the mentoring 100 Black Men is a priority for him; he helps
plan and coordinate the national 100 Black Men annual conference, and he speaks to the organization’s tremendous benefits, having been a mentee
himself. Windom credits 100 Black Men with having developed his talents as an entrepreneur.
Two years ago, FAMU recognized Mr. Windom with the 40/40 award, which he earned by having outstanding accomplishments before the age of 40.
Dr. Luis Ponjuan is an Associate Professor in the Education Administration and Human Resources department at Texas A&M University. His
research focuses on Latino males’ educational achievement, first-generation students’ access into higher education and degree attainment, and the
recruitment and retention of faculty members of color.
Dr. Ponjuan has earned over $566,000 in research grant funding from organizations like TG Foundation, University of Florida Division of Sponsored
Research, and Rasheed Hughes Medical Institute. Prior to joining the faculty at Texas A&M, Dr. Ponjuan was an assistant professor at the University
of Florida and served as the Institute Director of the Postsecondary Education Policy and Innovation Institute (PEPII). During his tenure, he developed
a comprehensive research agenda focused on equity and access in higher education for underrepresented students and faculty of color. At Texas A &
M, he is expanding his agenda to include finding ways to improve the growing achievement gap between males and females in college, specifically
Hispanic and African-American males. Throughout his career, Dr. Ponjuan has explored the reasons why African American and Latino men are less likely than other men to attend a
postsecondary college and complete a degree.
Dr. Ponjuan is widely published in premier academic journals on the educational pathways of Latino and African American men into higher education. He has presented his work at
national research conferences and participated on the College Board national panel discussion at the United States Tri-Caucus Congressional briefing on Minority Males in Education.
He has been selected as a research scholar for the 2010 National Academy of Engineering and National Science Foundation Colloquy on Minority Males in STEM and the 2009 AERA
Institute on Statistical Analysis for Education Policy.
Dr. Ponjuan earned his Ph.D. in Higher Education with concentrations in Quantitative Research Methodology and Organizational Behavior and Theory from the University of Michigan,
his Masters of Science in Higher Education Administration from The Florida State University, and his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of New Orleans. He is a
first-generation college graduate and Cuban immigrant.
Dr. Omari Dyson is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at South Carolina State University. His teaching covers a wide
array of topics, including education, politics, identity, cultural studies, action research, and social transformation.
Dr. Dyson was born and reared in The Bronx, New York. After completing high school, he attended the University of South Carolina-Columbia
and majored in Experimental Psychology with a minor in Early Childhood Education. Soon thereafter, he matriculated to Purdue University, West
Lafayette, Indiana, where he received a master’s degree in Child Development and Family Studies with a specialty in Marriage and Family Therapy.
In August, 2008, Dr. Dyson received his doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Curriculum Studies from Purdue University.
Alongside his scholarly activism, Dr. Dyson serves as an educational consultant with foci in multicultural training, Rites of Passage programming, the Black Power Movement, and
transitional programs for families impacted by incarceration.
Dr. McClenney is the Director of the Center for Community College Student Engagement and a faculty member in the Community
College Leadership Program (CCLP) at The University of Texas at Austin.
The Center conducts two major surveys of community college student populations: the Community College Survey of Student
Engagement (CCSSE) and the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE). The Center has surveyed nearly two million
community college students at over 800 colleges in 50 states.
Dr. McClenney also directs the Center’s Initiative on Student Success, which is a long-term student focus group research
initiative supported by the MetLife Foundation and Houston Endowment Inc.
Dr. McClenney has served as a consultant to educational institutions, state higher education systems, state governments, and professional associations in 47
states and internationally. She was a community college faculty member and a program director and system administrator. Dr. McClenney frequently speaks
on and writes about education issues, strategic planning, accountability, student success, and leadership.
She earned her Ph.D. in educational administration from the Community College Leadership Program at The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. McClenney
earned her M.A. in Psychology from Texas Christian University and her B.A. from Trinity University, San Antonio, TX.
An American Book Award recipient and two-time NAACP Image Award winner, is one of the nation’s most influential and
renowned public intellectuals. His pioneering scholarship has had a profound effect on American ideas.
His first of many books -
Reflecting Black: African American Cultural Criticism
- Dr. Dyson helped establish the field of Black
American cultural studies and expanded the scholarship on African American men; Dr. Dyson has since had a profound effect
on American ideas. In 1994,
Making Malcolm: The Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X
, was named one of the most important
African American books of the 20th century. Dr. Dyson’s first book on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 2000,
I May Not Get There
with You: The True Martin Luther King, Jr.,
made a significant contribution to King scholarship by recovering the radical legacy of the slain civil rights leader.
Dr. Dyson has also written about rap and contemporary rappers, such as Tupac Shukar and Jay Z and helped to make books on hip hop commercially viable.
Dr. Dyson wrote the first major book on Hurricane Katrina and probed the racial and class fallout from the storm, and that same year wrote
Is Bill Cosby Right?
Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind?
, which helped to jumpstart a national conversation on the Black poor that has been called the most important
debate in Black America since the historic debate between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois.
Dr. Dyson has appeared on many major media outlets, including The Today Show, Nightline, Hardball, O’Reilly Factor, The Tavis Smiley Show, and Real Time
with Bill Maher – and he has cemented his star appeal on such shows as Rap City, Def Poetry Jam, and The Colbert Report.
His powerful work has won him legions of admirers and has made him what
The Washington Post
terms a “superstar professor.” His fearless and fiery oratory
The Chronicle of Higher Education
to declare that with his rhetorical gifts he “can rock classroom and chapel alike.” Dr. Dyson’s eloquent writing inspired
Vanity Fair magazine to describe him as “one of the most graceful and lucid intellectuals writing on race and politics today.”
Dr. Dyson has taught at several of America’s most prestigious universities, including the Ivy League’s Brown University, Columbia University, and The
University of Pennsylvania, and he is currently University Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University where, in 2011, he received widespread attention
for his course “Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay-Z.” Dr. Dyson’s influence has carried far beyond the academy – into prisons and bookstores – political conventions
and union halls – church sanctuaries and lecture stages – across and throughout the world.
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