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Compensation Study Update 

First, we want to thank everyone for their increased participation in completion of the JAT’s and MIT’s.  We are happy to say that we reached 88% participation by re-opening the JAT’s last December, which helped Evergreen get the necessary data to complete the study to ensure we received a fair and equitable study.  The latest draft of the salary and classification study can be found on our website here.  

When reviewing the information, many have noticed that not all job titles are represented on Exhibits F and G.  This is intentional and normal for this type of survey.  The final survey results require getting data from the organizations listed in Exhibit E.  When requesting this information, most institutions (HCC included) do not have the time or resources to provide data for hundreds of positions.  For that a reason, a sampling of positions is chosen for the data analysis.  This sampling of positions is what can be seen in Exhibits F and G.

Next month, we will begin bargaining with SEIU to reach agreement on the terms for implementation of the study.  The President is committed to implementation of the study once an agreement is reached.

Kristen Smuder, PHR, SHRM - CP
Executive Director of Human Resources