District Administrative Offices


Key Dates



Receive Letter of Notification

October 15, 2011

Fifth Year Reporting Due

September 15, 2012

Review by the Commission on Colleges

December 2012

Academic Year 2010-11

Late Spring 2011

  1. Initiate development of web shell & prep web linkages (Alisa)
  2. Orient/Organize President 
  3. Assignment of reporting requirements & determine review structure/editor
  4. Paul: service on 5th year review team???

Academic Year 2011-12

Summer 2011

  1. Organizational workshop: President's Cabinet
  2. QEP institute: Fort Worth, TX. 
  3. Complete Institutional Summary Report by August 15.

Fall 2011 

  1. First version of Compliance Certification and QEP Impact due October 1 (readiness audit). Alisa load to web by October 15.
  2. Receive letter of notification from SACS (On-site visit question resolved, adjust plans accordingly).
  3. Cabinet Review through fall conclusion.
  4. SACS Conference: Orlando
  5. Strategic Planning: Strategic Plan Refresh (Mission, Vision, Values)
  6. Unit Planning: Final progress for 2009-11 biennium/ refinement of 2011-13 plans
  7. Student Learning outcomes: assessment results for workforce programs; enter SLOs for AA and Student Services?
  8. Updates: BOT presentation? HCC community notification

Spring 2012

  1. 2nd draft of CC and QEP Impact Due March 1. Load to web by March 15.
  2. Cabinet review through end of spring.
  3. South Shore documentation due March 1 & Cabinet Review
  4. Strategic Planning, Part II: Refresh of goals and initiatives
  5. Complete Planning Reports: Final 2009-11 Progress Report
  6. Updates: BOT present? HCC community update; In-service?

Academic Year 2012-13

Summer 2012

  1. Editorial/ Technical Review CC and QEP Impact
  2. Prep Final Reports and DVDs
  3. Submit 5th Year Reporting by September 1
  4. QEP Institute: Atlanta
  5. Complete Critical Success Factors (cross link to QEP)
  6. BOT strategic planning workshop
  7. BOT review of Strategic Plan Progress/ SACS Update
  8. HCC Community update.

Fall 2012

  1. Factual Review?
  2. SACS Review
  3. BOT adoption of 2013-15 goals & initiatives/ SACS Update

Spring 2013

  1. Follow-up responses as needed
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