Tuition & Fees

Please view the Academic Calendar for important dates relating to payment of your tuition.

Registration Fees:
Fees are subject to change with the approval of the District Board of Trustees and the state legislature.  Please check your Hawknet account for your current balance.

Credit Programs (per credit hour)
In-State Tuition           $104.39
Out of State Tuition     $379.61

Postsecondary Adult Vocation Non-Credit Programs (per credit hour)
In-State Tuition           $78.98
Out of State Tuition     $314.68

Adult General Education, Vocational Certificate/Diploma & Vocational Preparatory Non-Credit
In and Out of State Tuition   $31.33

Third Attempts - College Credit Courses and College Preparatory Courses
Students must pay the full cost of instruction (equal to Out of State Tuition) for credit courses they attempt a third time and any additional times.  Students must petition the Dean of Student Services for a fourth attempt at a college level course.  HCC permits only three attempts at college preparatory courses.

Lab Fees and Additional Information

 Academic Systems Courses  $60.00
 Child Care:  
      Full day per child (HCC Students & Employees)  $150.00/week
      Half day per child (HCC Students & Employees)  $ 80.00/week
      Community Student (non HCC) Full Time  $175.00/week
      Community Student (non HCC) Part Time  $100.00/week
      VPK Wrap Around Full Time  $ 66.40/week
      Late Pick up Fee  $1/minute
      Late Payment Fee  $25.00
 College Placement Test Retake Fee  $10/section
 Credit by Examination Fee  $20.00
 Credits Earned by Examination  $20/credit hour
 E-911 Program Application Fee  $100.00
 Experiential Credit Processing  $15.00
 Hawk Card Replacement Fee for Students, Faculty & Staff  $20.00
 HCC OneCard Replacement Fee  $23.00
 Health Science Application Fee  $53.00
 Application for Additional Health Science Area  $10.00
 International Student Application Fee  $50.00
 Laboratory Fee  Various
 Law Enforcement Applicant Processing Fee  $170.00
 Returned Check Fee  $30.00
 Service Learning Course Fee  $23.00
 Test Proctoring Fee (for non-HCC students)  $50.00
 Veterinary Technician Application Fee  $30.00
 Pay for Print  
      Black & White  $0.10
      Color  $0.35
      Black & White  $.08/side
      Color  $.30/side
 Bookstore processing fee for non-return of rental books  $20.00


There are various exemptions of tuition and/or fees set by the State of Florida.

  • Apprenticeship, Children in custody of DCF, Dual enrollment, Homeless, Custody of a relative, Welfare transition


There are various waivers of tuition and/or fees set by the State of Florida.

Purple Heart
Senior Citizen
Additional information is provided in the current college catalog.

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