Do any of these situations apply to you? If so, click that link. If not, proceed with the steps to enroll on this page.

Coming from another country (International student)
Served in a branch of the US military (Veteran student)

Steps to Enroll for Former Students Returning

1. Welcome Back!

2. Re-determine Residency
HCC has different tuition rates depending on whether or not you meet state residency requirements. Check out our residency page to determine if you meet the requirements and which documents you’ll need to apply.

3. Apply
Complete our online application as a FORMER STUDENT RETURNING.

4. Secure your Funding
Apply for Financial Aid. Apply for Florida Bright Futures.  

5. Submit Transcripts
HCC requires high school and all college transcripts be submitted.

6. Complete Welcome Orientation.

7. Connect with an Academic Advisor
Our advisors are here to assist you with placement tests, transfer credit, course selection, and degree planning.

8. Complete the Registration Workshop and Register for Classes
Search for course selections and register for classes.

9. Pay for Classes
Submit payment for any charges not covered by financial aid or other benefits. Enroll in Tuition Installment Plans (TIPS).

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