Course Descriptions

PLA 1003 Introduction to Paralegal Studies 3 credits
Provides an overview of the training and purpose of legal assistants. Examines the role of the lawyer and legal assistant in modern society and ethical and professional practice standards. Required course.

PLA 1104 Writing and Research I 3 credits
Prerequisite: PLA 1003
Provides and in-depth exploration of the law library, legal research and writing legal memoranda. Students learn to research and cite primary and secondary sources on state and federal level. Required course.

PLA 1203 Litigation Procedures I 3 credits
Prerequisite: PLA 1003
Focuses on the litigation process and related court system acquainting the student with the Florida Rules of Civil Procedures and Appellate Procedures and related matters. Required.

PLA 1271 Tort Law 3 credits
This course provides an overview of laws relating to persons and property through civil law. Examples are: Personal Injury Law, Negligence, Intentional Torts, Product Liability, Defamation, etc. Required course.

PLA 1433 Business Organizations 3 credits
Covers procedural information and basic law as it applies to sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations and other business entities. Required course.

PLA 1600 Administration of Wills/Trusts/Probate 3 credits
Presents a survey of estate planning and administration including the preparation of wills, trusts, probate forms and guardianship procedures. Required course.

PLA 1611 Real Estate Law/Property Transactions I 3 credits
Focuses on common real estate transactions and drafting documents such as deeds, leases and contracts. Required course.

PLA 1700 Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility 3 credits
Prerequisite: PLA 1003
This legal specialty course introduces the student to the types of ethical situations and dilemmas they may encounter in the legal workforce. Specified elective.

PLA 1949 Legal Internship 3 credits
Instructor permission required
Prerequisite: Student must have completed 12 or more credit hours of PLA courses and have a C or better GPA.
A coordinated work-study course involving class work and field experience. Internship is usually taken in last semester of the Paralegal/Legal Assisting program or with Program Manager approval. Specified Elective.

PLA 2114 Legal Research and Writing II 3 credits
Prerequisite: PLA 1104
An advanced course in legal writing and research. Students prepare letters, memorandums and memorandums of law utilizing primary and secondary sources and computer-assisted research. Required course.

PLA 2223 Litigation Procedures II 3 credits
Prerequisite: PLA 1203
Covers advanced litigation procedures to include interviewing techniques, preparing and organizing courtroom materials, compiling documentary evidence, applying investigative procedures and taking effective courtroom notes. Specified elective.

PLA 2303 Criminal Litigation for Paralegals 3 credits
This course provides students with a survey of the criminal justice system. Substantive and procedural aspects of criminal law are studied. Required course

PLA 2421 Contracts Law 3 credits
Emphasizes the basic principles of contract law including common law concepts and uniform commercial code concepts when applicable. Required course.

PLA 2460 Bankruptcy Law 3 credits
Examines the principles and procedures for filing bankruptcy and reorganization, including the preparation of forms. Specified elective.

PLA 2531 Elder Law 3 credits.
This course is designed for the student to develop an understanding of the laws that directly affect the elderly. It analyzes the legal, ethical, and social problems of the elderly and provides a comprehensive overview of the laws affecting the elderly today. Specified elective.

PLA 2612 Real Estate Law/Property Transactions II 3 credits
Prerequisite: PLA 1611
Advanced training in common real estate transactions and the preparation of documents, such as deeds and leases. Specified elective.

PLA 2732 Law Office Computers Application 3 credits
Prerequisite: CGS 1000: Introduction to Computers and Technology
Using the computer and various software applications, the student will learn to perform various legal-related business tasks commonly used on the job and prepare common legal office documents. Specified Elective

PLA 2763 Law Office Management 3 credits
Examines managerial responsibility, effective planning and use of financial resources. Specified elective.

PLA 2800 Family Law 3 credits
Covers such topics as marriage dissolution, separation, custody, legitimacy, adoption, change of name, guardianship, support, court procedures and separation agreements. Required.